A Ride Through Time

Today I continued my ILP and it was probably one of my favorite excursions yet! I was born and raised in Rapid City, SD and this summer I am exploring the places I have never been before or haven’t been in a very long time. This morning I took a ride on the City View Trolley and walked around downtown Rapid City. To be honest I walk around town quite often, but this morning I did so with the mindset of a vacationer and a head brimming with knowledge from the trolley narration.


The trolley from my bench

At eleven o’clock this morning, I paid my fare and hopped on the City View trolley. The interior was wooden and air conditioned which made me smile as I found a seat. As we pulled away from the bus depot, a recording came over the speakers which continued the for an hour as I rode around town, learning about the buildings and parks I have always just passed without a second thought. I found my self pulling a pen out of my purse to take notes along the way because I was so fascinated by the history behind all these locations. I learned the railroad had a mega impact on the settlement of the town when the Chicago Railroad came through. Business was booming well before; gold was discovered in the 1870s bringing many to the hills and in 1889 the local mill was established. I was interested to learn it once ran by water power supplied by Rapid Creek, is the oldest business in Rapid City and at one time was one of the top four mills in America. These are just a few of the things I learned today.

Later I was thinking about how I saw these places and took in this information in comparison to tourists who have never seen them before and probably never will. Like, I never knew the street I take every day to get from my house to practically anywhere else was originally a railroad that transported people from town to fishing holes and gold mines. I also never knew I lived in what the Lakota refer to as the heart of the Earth or an area nicknamed “God’s Country”. To a random person from anywhere else, these are just facts to learn til the attraction they really want to go to is open. For me, they gave a foundation to the places I grew up on.

building tops

After I arrived back at the depot, my mind was swimming in all the history I had just learned so I decided to walk downtown with more than just ice cream or movies on my mind (my usual purpose in being there). Today I truly looked at the buildings and the way other people acted downtown as they took in their experiences. Here are some pictures from my adventure which I felt obligated to take as I played tourist!

Disclaimer: I tried, I really did, to take a selfie with a president but my Rapid City pride was just too strong, that was one thing I could not do 🙂


Tourists taking pictures in Art Alley


Garage doors to the 1915 firehouse (now a restaurant)


Maybe a town of history, but these folks prove we can keep up with the times as they hunt some Pokemon


9 thoughts on “A Ride Through Time

  1. stefgetsbloggy says:

    I love that you are chronicling your travels! I’ve spent a lot of time in Rapid City since it’s the closest “big city” to Chadron – I never really acknowledged all of its history.


  2. caitlannimickeaglescscedu says:

    I loved this post! It is amazing that you can live in a town but never really notice the beauty of it before. Just the other day I was admiring the Occidental hotel in Buffalo WY (my hometown) and I noticed some very weathered wording under the hotels name. I have never noticed this before but then again I don’t remember ever admiring the building like I was that day ever before. I can not for the life of me remember what the weathered words said and I would go and check but I am on vacation 600 miles away from home right now!


    • maryannejblog says:

      I thought I knew a lot about Rapid but I will never turn down the chance to learn something new! Buildings are some of the best places to look because they hold so many stories. Have fun on your vacation!


  3. ashleycosmt says:

    I find that even in the town you live in or think you know really well, if you treat it like a ‘vacationer’ or a ‘visitor’ and go on some of the tours and things available you open up a whole new world that you may not have known about the town you thought you knew so well. I like this post great read. I think this is a great ILP you can take this in so many directions, and it helps us to become happy with the small things that we normally may pass by and not even notice!


    • maryannejblog says:

      Exactly! I can’t count how many times my friends and I have spent the day “playing tourist” and had a blast. There aren’t too many things to do here that aren’t aimed towards visitors, so we make the most of it!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. melissaa3 says:

    My parents just to my son and nieces on a trip there. They absolutely enjoyed it! It’s great that you changed your mind setting to a tourist in order to think of what to do. Great idea! The pictures you added were a great way for us to visualize things! I especially liked the one with the Pokemon hunters. Great post!


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