Create Daily, Create for Life

If I’m being honest, when I first read our assignment of doing daily creates twenty days in a row, I probably rolled my eyes. I mean, who wants to do the same assignment twenty days in a row!? No one, that’s who. As I began opening the right links to discover what our tasks actually were, I started thinking, “hey, this might not be so bad.” Less than ten minutes later, I was scrolling through lists of possible daily creates and getting excited!

Next I opened up a new sticky note on my desktop to keep track of which creates I did when. I typed out a list of the next twenty days and was all set! Throughout the assignment, I had two favorites. The first was “Name that Movie”. I am a big fan of word play and movies so this one was right up my alley. My other favorite was “Fake Holiday” for which I chose National Junie B. Jones Day because (if you’ve read the books) its kinda crazy how she hasn’t already claimed this a holiday herself.

The biggest takeaway I’ve gotten from the daily creates is just how differently we all think. Yes, we all grew up hearing the snowflake metaphor and how we are all different and special, but I truly saw it here. We are all given the same one sentence explanation and in return, posted a myriad of various responses. This shows us how differently we all think and how, if all these thoughts are combined, we would have the understanding and capabilities to help teach learners of every kind. We all look at tasks through separate lenses and daily creates provide a way of combining those lenses into one super-telescope.

I have learned new things about my classmates’ hometowns and which ones of us enlist family and friends for help and fun. I have also learned how to stay dedicated to details – sometimes I didn’t get mine done till the last few hours of the day, but they still got done! I think daily creates are a great idea and I plan on checking them out every now and then after this class ends to keep my mind open!



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