“Yeah, my favorite’s Gouda!”

Like most any other twenty year old American, I highly enjoy food, namely carbs, and teenage romances created in the 2000s. I unconsciously combined these likes with this project and came up with what I am sure is a one-of-a-kind metaphor. I chose to compare students to cheese. I know what you’re thinking, that may be a stretch, and you’re right, but I’m not one to turn down a challenge, especially against myself.

Cheese is cultivated, distributed and utilized and so is knowledge. This was my outlining thought as I created my digital story. The most challenging part was finding a site/tool to create with. Once I did, putting the story together was the most difficult part due to my incredible ability to become easily frustrated by technology. Now, with hard drive filled with even more images of cheese saved to it than before, I invite you all to watch my digital story!



All public images were taken from CC



8 thoughts on ““Yeah, my favorite’s Gouda!”

  1. skylerc22 says:

    Mary Anne,
    Loved your comparison! It was very unique. Students really are like cheese as they have to be crafted in a certain way before they can be distributed throughout the world. And we as teachers, are like the craftsmen as we sculpt and prepare them for the future so that they will last and be successful throughout their life time. Great idea! And don’t worry, i too struggled quite a bit when making my video for this assignment…


  2. Cara Sanchez says:

    Mary Anne, loved this! I can honestly say, I had not thought about it in this way before. I love how relevant the comparison was. You made some great points in your story. School and teachers really have a major role in molding and sculpting students. Students turn out in a variety of flavors, just like cheese. Great metaphor…even though your story kind of made me hungry with all the pictures of cheese! (: Thanks for sharing!


  3. Regan Garey says:

    If anyone could compare cheese to students and make it work perfectly, it’s you. Wow. I loved your video! I loved the thought process behind it. You are a very clever girl, Mary Anne. 😉 From molding to the flavors, I think that you nailed this presentation. I also especially loved the references to movies and TV. (She’s the Man and Gossip Girl are a couple of my favorites!) Awesome job!!


  4. kaitlinborm says:

    I really like the way that you made this metaphor work. I also appreciate your movie reference, its one of my favorites! I have worked with Animoto before as well and I really enjoyed it, minus the fact taht you have to pay to remove the watermark. Awesome job!


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