It’s Monday! What are you reading?: Week Nine

Going home for spring break brought me back to my old bookshelf and I took advantage of it! I chose to reread The Daughters series, by Joannah Philbin. Now, you pop culture buffs may be wondering why that name sounds familiar. The author is the daughter of TV personality Regis Philbin. She took her experiences and wrote a four book series about teenage girls growing up together just like any other young adult novel, but these girls are all the daughters of someone famous. The leading novel is simply titled The Daughters and the following three The Daughters Break the Rules; …Take the Stage; …Join the Party.

The stories focus on Carina, the daughter of a billionaire and the expected CEO of his media company, Hudson, whose mom is a pop icon, and Lizzie, offspring of a supermodel. While Carina and Lizzie want nothing to do with their parents’ careers or to follow their footsteps, Hudson is working on her own album, but of a different genre. The girls bond through their understanding of life in the spotlight – whether they like it or not. Centered in New York City, each book is told from a third-party point of view, but with an inside look at a different leading character each novel. Each fourteen year old’s struggle is told throughout the books. In the fourth we meet a new daughter, Emma, the daughter of a state senator. As I reread the series with this class in mind, I saw how Emma and her family brought diversity to the group. The other three girl are all white and privileged by default, which Emma is, too, but the addition introduces political power and variety of race.

I don’t know if I would teach these books in a high school or middle school classroom, but I would recommend them to someone looking for a good read. While they aren’t too relatable for a college student who grew up in South Dakota, they are still entertaining because who isn’t just a little fascinated by the glamorous world of New York’s upper class?daughters


7 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?: Week Nine

  1. Ali Meyer says:

    I definitely agree with Dr. Ellington! When I read the summary, I automatically thought of Meg Cabot’s American Girl series. I honestly love books like this. Even though you can’t really relate to the plot or lives of the characters, you can sometimes relate to the characters themselves. Plus, it’s always fun to get away from our boring lives and read about interesting and exciting ones! I mean that’s the reason why we read anyway! Awesome pick, I’m really glad you enjoyed a little bit of nostalgia.


  2. kaitmmm says:

    These books do sound interesting. I think they might be good for recommending to students in middle school or early high school. They sound pretty light and easy to read, which is always a catch. Also, they sound interesting, something that may not be relateable but an escape for the mind. Either way, great review!


  3. seetheworldinbooks says:

    These sound like fun books. I’ve never read them, or heard of them, but I love Sophie Kinsella and find her such an entertaining writer. Mind you I’ve only read her books geared more toward adults, but she always makes me laugh and takes me out of whatever life is throwing at me. I know many teenagers who would love these and will definitely check them out myself. Thanks for sharing and giving such an in-depth review.


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