The Good, the Bad & the Stressed

Anyone who has read my blog the past couple months or spent time with me knows I am preparing to become a teacher and completing my last year of college. I’ve bounced around with the Freshman 15, stayed up too late laughing through thin dorm walls, and learned what to avoid in the caf. I am ready to see my name in fancy font on a diploma, maybe.

I still have quite a few steps to take before I walk up the steps to that black stage, some fun, and some not so fun. This past week, I have vividly experienced the ups and downs of preparing for teaching; foreshadowing to the job.


Last week was busy. Then again, so is every other week. My classmates and I had three presentations meant to prepare us for our future, which were super helpful, but also got me thinking…. or overthinking, to be more precise. In just a few short months I will be interviewing for a real, big girl job which means I will need a resume which means I will need a cover letter which means I will need a new, crisp folder to keep them in which means I need to go shopping.

My realization for this blog came while I was swatching lipsticks in Ulta this weekend. Even while I am surrounded by hair and face products I don’t even know how to use, I am thinking about teaching. I was actually calculating how much money I could spend after all the books I had just bought (whoops) when I realized my future doesn’t have to be all stress all the time. When I walk into my classroom I will be there to inspire children and face their unimaginable realities with them, but I will do so with glossy paperbacks, ‘Rosette’ lips and a cute dress I got on clearance.

Now don’t go thinking I am expecting teaching to be all rainbows and cotton candy, I know better than that. While in the shoe store (I have a problem, I know) the smiley lady helping me inquired what sort of shoes I was looking for. I explained to her I need dressy, comfy shoes to wear while student teaching. Like any good salesperson, she took this as a chance to build a relationship with her customer, a trick I use often in the summer. “what grade do you want to teach?”, she asked with false curiosity. Her attitude visibly changed when I replied with “middle school or high school English!”. Then she proceeded to tell me how her daughter’s class plotted and completed a mission to get a teacher fired. Planting a new fear in an already- stressed college student is an effective way to lose a sale.


There are some things, unfortunately, shopping can’t fix. One of the presentations I attended last week was about the potential drug and alcohol abuse and situations I may encounter as a teacher. There are more ways to consume these substances than I understand but it is the side effects that scare me most. Right now, I can learn how to handle tough situations and understand the reasons students start substance abuse to make myself a better teacher in the future.

That is pretty much all I need to focus on right now: how to make myself a better teacher in the future. Sometimes I will choose to do so in a retail sense, and always choose to literately. I will immerse myself in YA novels, others’ stories of teaching experiences and work with passion, not with stress.

Photos courtesy of Creative Commons.


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