What ds this?

When I first opened up ds106 I was excited because all of the tweets I had read so far were filled with education-related excitement. After spending about fifteen minutes exploring te website, I was utterly confused. What was the purpose of this site? I thought I was already taking enough summer classes? Why is everyone excited to have a class without teachers? We are all studying to BECOME teachers. (This is still gets me if we’re being honest.) Since it was the beginning of the week I decided to just close the tab and come back to it later with a clearer mind.

The next evening I found my way back to the land of hyped-up confusion. If you click on this link, you’ll see it’s actually the ‘About’ page. Still mind-boggled, I read almost every page, from ‘Home’ to multiple blogs posted to the site. At this point my conservative mind set was beginning to understand the concepts of ds106, but refusing to see how the lessons were beneficial. After even more searching I grew frustrated again, this time mostly with myself, I stumbled upon pages and pages of Daily Creates. I like the idea of doing something creative everyday because I am a firm believer in the fine arts and their positive impacts on academics. Our requirements to use five mediums throughout our twenty days of creates reinforces the foundations of the arts. I gave up again after studying ds106.

As we all learned from Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.” This morning I sat down with a plate of eggs and a glass of juice, determined to understand ds106 and tried, I really did. In accordance to Yoda’s phrase though, I guess I failed. I am still not sure if I understand all the uses and purposes of ds106, but I do not plan on giving up.

Sidenote: I understand that ds is short for ‘digital storytelling’, but could someone clarify the significance of 106? Even if it is blatantly obvious, if someone could let me know, that would rock my socks off. Happy learning everyone!



6 thoughts on “What ds this?

  1. skylerc22 says:

    Mary Anne,
    I am afraid that i too am scratching at the bottom of the barrel… I am still super confused about this whole thing and have no idea where to start. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed. I also read several documents about what ds106 was and wasn’t able to find any really good definitions or explanations. From what i gathered, we are supposed to use ds106 to create a variety of imaginative products using different forms and styles of technology. Which i think could be fun, but also really frustrating because i am a slow learner when it comes to tech stuff and to have to get things completed and turned in on time using tech i don’t understand, let’s just stay i might be putting in some really late nights which i was hoping to avoid buuuut
    Maybe we can get it figured out and it will be easier than we are thinking it will be right now.


    • maryannejblog says:

      One of my coworkers is an elementry school teacher and one of my former coaches so today I asked her if she knew anything about this topic just to get another person’s opinion. We researched it together and found out 106 was the catalog number of the original class. I am beginning to understand most of the concepts now and I hope they clear up for you, too!


  2. aftonburns says:

    I feel the sense of being overwhelmed as well… there is A LOT to take in this week with this specific topic. Though, I agree that I like the initial idea of doing creative things daily. The more I work with it the more I become more comfortable! Thanks for your thoughts!


  3. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    Don’t you love Google? Who knew that 106 was the original catalog number?! There is SO much on the website since the course has many different iterations and literally thousands of people have contributed assignments and projects. Try to focus on the Daily Creates so you won’t get overwhelmed by everything else that goes on in ds106!


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