Teens and Libraries

I think one of the best things about Young Adult Library Services Association is it is a professional place for students to be exposed to a mature setting within the realms of something they understand – ya books. This isn’t just a blog they made for class, a pixelated website they made to list their favorite books or a forgotten Wattpad account. Think of how many teen novels are centered around feeling misunderstood – here is a mature place specifically for them. This is a real website made especial to expose young adult literature to the world.


YALSA is important for teachers to understand. How can students become familiar with YALSA if teachers are not there to guide them? I do not this it is likely that they would find themselves on the site alone, but crazier things have happened. By using YALSA as a resource when teaching, students can gain a deeper understanding of how literature really can and does connect the world. They would also be able to see the accreditation behind their education – the teacher is not just talking at them; the information is coming from a valid source.

I think my favorite rabbit hole I found myself in was the ‘Handout’ section under ‘Teachers’. There was a plethora of printable specifically for teachers. These could be used as decorations in the classroom, informative pieces to pass out or outline the next steps for curious readers. For example, “Ten Things You Didn’t Know Were in Your Library” advocates for libraries by explaining resources beyond the books. I personally think this is important because so many people just see libraries as the home for books and with the rise of technology in our everyday lives, they are continually being viewed as old school or dying establishments. Change starts with the younger generation and that is why we need to introduce students is YALSA.



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