Pint-sized Passion

As future teachers we all know kids are different in their own ways, but there is one thing that unites them all: passion. I have never met a child who doesn’t love life. On the other hand, the number of kids I have met that dislike school is dismaying. School is supposed to be a place for learning and expanding their natural passions, not to toss in a box to please society. I read the articles The Science of Passion Based Learning and Passion-Based Learning for the 21st Century, they helped me gain a better understanding of what passion-based learning is and its capabilities.

One quote that really got me thinking from the latter article was from a real classroom experience where the teacher instructed the students to “find the partner you need”. As students, when we are allowed to pick partners, we often look for our best friend or someone we know will get us a good grade. Instead, this teacher continued on by saying, “Some of you are picture-smart or word-smart or number-smart. Help each other.” This statement is incredibly effective. First, it uplifts students to know they DO have a strength and can be helpful to someone. On the flipside, it also identifies their weaknesses, allowing them to discover in what areas they may need to work a bit harder in. Lastly, instructions like this let the class know your need the whole box of crayons to color and you cannot use just one or tow colors all your life.


CC by nathanmac87

The only thing I am still questioning about passion-based learning is exactly how to use it. Is there a way to learn passion-based teaching? Or are they one in the same? I know I am there for the students, to be their learning guide, but will my passions affect the outcome? **As I typed that last sentence my brain just got after me, reminding me my passion is teaching.** In the end, I answered my own questions in a round about way; be passionate about teaching and creative in your methods and the students will learn how to embrace their passions. We have to remember our brain is all one vessel holding both emotions and knowledge. Expecting to teach or learn in a way that separates them seems silly and unrealistic.


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