Creating my ILP

I was excited for the chance to show my ILP in a medium other than writing and photographs I take on my phone. My Individual Learning Project is to explore the places I either have never been to or have not been to in a long time in the Black Hills. I chose to create a poster encouraging others to get out and check out the places they go home as well. I used the program Piktochart which was mighty simpler than I expected. I am usually not very good at technological tasks but Pikochart is pretty user friendly.

I selected the poster format because I was not use how else to capture my ILP. There is no method or system to my project so a chart of any kind was out of the question. I have learned so much and had a blast with my project so I thought, “Why not let everyone else know how much they can benefit from exploring their own hometowns?” I too k this opportunity to do so!


This site is free and easy which is music to any teachers’ ears. Complete with their simple, clean-cut designs, teachers could use these templates to make charts and posters for just about anything. Multimedia images are helpful at the beginning of units, to explain more intricate lessons, to explain classroom rules or send newsletters home. Learning how to explore these programs will defiantly benefit us in the long run.


4 thoughts on “Creating my ILP

  1. skylerc22 says:

    Mary Anne,
    This is a really neat idea to present your ILP in. I agree that it is great to find sites that are free. It is so helpful to teachers to be able to use these free resources to get ides and teach from! Thanks for sharing


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